We offer a wide array of Web Design and Development. All of our web designs are built in-house thus giving unique look to your website. Our Web designers invests their time to create web solutions that make your website feel "real" without adversely affecting the core objective of the website. Our web design services will get you the results that you always wanted. Our websites are clean, clear and customized to your needs!

We've implemented complicated and critical technology solutions using CSS, HTML, Php/Mysql, ASP, Flash, Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress in minimum time and with minimum cost. We emphasize clear, clean, and navigable pages that represent your business positively. While we are proficient in the latest website design and technology, we use them appropriately, to set up a perfect web site according to your instructions and add essential functionality to your website.

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We offer high quality, professional UNIX web hosting to clients around the world. Our Data Center is directly connected to the Internet through redundant high-speed fiber optic cables to multiple backbone providers.

All hosting plans include PHP 4, PHP 5 which is a general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development. It is extremely useful in developing online applications. PHP coupled with MySQL is an extremely powerful application solution.

Hosting plans include the powerful database solutions of MySQL. This allows for your site to have a powerful SQL database engine for advanced site features. Forums, shopping carts and ads are just some of the advanced features that require MySQL.

Our Hosting Plans
Unix Plans 500MB (Economy) 1GB (Delux) 2GB (Premier) 5GB (Ultimate)    
    USD 7.50 USD 13.00 USD 25.00 USD 50.00    
  Annual Fee LKR 750.00 LKR 1,300.00 LKR 2,500.00 LKR 5,000.00    
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Resource Features
  Summary Disk Space 500MB 1000MB 2000MB 5000MB    
  Summary Data Transfer 12GB 24GB 60GB 120GB    
  Redundant network  Pass  Pass  Pass  Pass    
  Uptime guarantee  Pass  Pass  Pass Pass     
Domain / IP Features
  Allowed Domains 1 5 10 20    
  Sub-Domains Included Included Included Included    
  Domain Aliases Included Included Included Included    
  Static IP Address Optional Optional Optional Optional    
  Anonymous FTP Optional Optional Optional Optional    
Site Management
  Control Panel H-Sphere Included Included Included Included    
  Site Studio Included Included Included Included    
  Live Traffic Statistics Included Included Included Included    
Email Management
  Mail Boxes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited    
  Your Mail Server Yes Yes Yes Yes    
  Integrated WebMail Yes Yes Yes Yes    
  Email forwarding Yes Yes Yes Yes    
  Email Aliases Yes Yes Yes Yes    
  Email autoresponders Yes Yes Yes Yes    
  Catch-all account Yes Yes Yes Yes    
  Mailing Lists Yes Yes Yes Yes    
Developer Features
  PHP 4.x / 5.x  Pass  Pass  Pass  Pass    
  CGI-Bin Resource  Pass  Pass  Pass  Pass    
  SSI  Pass  Pass  Pass  Pass    
  FrontPage extensions  Pass  Pass  Pass  Pass    
  Shell Access No No No No    
  phpBB  Pass  Pass  Pass  Pass    
Database Features
  MySQL databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited    
  PGSQL databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited    
Security Features
  SSL certificate Optional Optional Optional Optional    
  Protected directories  Pass  Pass  Pass  Pass    
Site Management
  Control panel H-Sphere  Pass  Pass  Pass  Pass    
  Site Studio  Pass  Pass  Pass  Pass    
  Traffic statistics  Pass  Pass  Pass  Pass    
  Urchin 5.0 statistics Optional Optional Optional Optional    
Multimedia Features
  Real Audio / Video  Pass  Pass  Pass  Pass    
  Flash / Shockwave  Pass  Pass  Pass  Pass    
E-commerce Features
  OsCommerce  Pass  Pass  Pass  Pass    
  Candy Press Optional Optional Optional Optional    
Pricing Features
    USD 7.50 USD 13.00 USD 25.00 USD 50.00    
  Annual Fee LKR 750.00 LKR 1,300.00 LKR 2,500.00 LKR 5,000.00    
    Buy this Package NOW Buy this Package NOW Buy this Package NOW Buy this Package NOW    

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